Three Ways to Bring Your Wardrobe Up to Date

Most men don’t know the difference between ‘fashion’ and ‘style’. Fashion is all about change – what’s in, what’s out and, most importantly, what’s new. It’s fickle and it ages badly. Style, on the other hand, has more of a timeless quality. It might not be the apex of the fashion curve right now, but it’s not completely out either and never will be.

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When we want to update our wardrobe, we tend to think of a few key on-trend items to adopt – an apricot shirt, a trilby hat or a pair of braces. But we can still refresh our collection with some stylish pieces too. It’s all about seeing what timeless pieces are in style right.

Wider-Legged Trousers

We’re not talking about flares here – just trousers and jeans that are wider than what you’ve been use to. Changing your trouser style can be really challenging for a man, but it’s one you need to do sometimes.

We know you’ve been wearing spray-on skinny-fits for the last five years, but we’ve reached peak skinny and it’s time to move on. Straight-leg trousers, as the name suggests, are just straight and they’re in again. So now’s the time to lose the ballet-dancer look.

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Toned-Down Military

Put away the camo gear and fatigues – thankfully, we’re not quite there. The key to this year’s trend is to look like you’re ex-military on some kind of security assignment abroad. Think practical clothes, jackets with patch pockets and desert boots. You can still wear mens designer shirts underneath, but stick to drab colours such as olive and khaki like the ones at

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This fabric is incredibly hardwearing, strangely tactile and a favourite of college professors. However, using corduroy to update your wardrobe needs to be practised with caution. Right now, finer ‘wales’ are in – wales are the ridges that give corduroy its texture and lined appearance. The closer they are together, the less like corduroy the fabric looks, but you still want it to sit like the real thing. And don’t forget that these need to be straight-legged too. Tight corduroy just doesn’t work.

So as you can see, the changes this season are related to your silhouette. Straighter lines and fewer bulges make for a more stylish and masculine look.