How To Maintain Split Air Conditioning System In Its Best Condition

People all across the world are facing the ill impacts of global warming. Along with the scorching heat, increasing humidity is making it difficult for people to survive. To save from such strange climatic conditions, they are now preferring to use air conditioners at their home. There are several different types of split air conditioner in Indian market.

Air conditioners are used more at the time of the summer season. To get the best comforts from this device when you need it the most, it becomes very essential to maintain it in the best condition.


Compressors are other important part of the AC system. Its work is to compresses and converts low volume and low-pressure gas to high temperature, and high-pressure gas. This type of gas is suitable for the use in AC. Amazon is a great place to buy trusted, high performance and durable AC for residential and commercial purposes. These oils help in increasing the longevity of the LG split AC to a significant extent.

It helps in eliminating vapor completely from the evaporator unit. One should clean the compressor unit from time to time to get refreshing air all the time. Also, you can use special oil that is made specifically for the ACs.

Refrigerant system

Refrigerant absorbs the extra amount of heat and spread fresh air in the house. This can also lead to a leakage in refrigeration system. Hiring a reliable split AC manufacturer would help in verifying and repairing that part.


To keep the filters clean and well maintained, it is important that you keep changing it from time to time. The frequency of cleaning depends on its usage. If you do not perform regular cleaning of your filters, then the air can become dirty with tiny dust particles. The polluted AC filters not just enhances the need to mend the air conditioner but also its maintenance cost.

Evaluate the condition of the pipes

As AC pipes let warm or cold air into the house, then it can collect dirt. This can develop leakage in the pipes. So, it becomes important to clean your pipes from time to time.

Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coil with continuous use, get broken or worn out. It is important that you regularly replace your old and damaged evaporator coil. This will considerably improve the flow and circulation of air inside the place. There are several AC brands that consume low energy and offer the long-lasting benefit of evaporator coil.

Air Ducts

Ducts are required to maintain the coolness of the space. With prolonged and continuous usage of AC system, ducts can get dirty. They require proper cleaning by AC repair professionals by trusted companies. The air ducts have to get cleaned on a regular basis to eliminate the dirt deposited on air ducts.


These are a few tips that keep your split air conditioning system in the best condition and ensure improved efficiency of it. Hiring an external AC repair company will help in periodic examination of the AC unit to keep it well-maintained all the time.