During trekking, it is very important that you choose a boot wisely. A good pair of shoe can extend your journey and your legs, but a bad pair of shoe can be a thorn under your feet. So, the question is how to choose a perfect pair of shoe.

Different shoes are appropriate for different types of treks. It totally depends on the weather or the trial condition or may be on the duration of the trek. Making a choice of shoes is very difficult for an inexperienced trekker. It is not a straightforward process though. Every person has different shapes of feet. So what fits one person doesn’t fit for another. The perfect time to try on a shoe is at night, after a walk. At night your feet are bigger than it was in the morning. In this article, you will get a lot of advice and tips for choosing your perfect pair of shoes. If you are thinking of buying trekking shoes online there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind.

Narrow down your range

Low and mid-cut shoes: low and mid cut shoes of a fabric or a non-fabric construction are very good for your short hikes. A user who wants to stay light and wants to go fast can use them. These might be used for longer treks too where you need to take heavy loads. But it is necessary to note down that if your feet is lighter, at the end of the day you will not get much support and also it will not be as long-lasting as the high-cut shoes.

High- cut shoes: High cut boots are very good for longer treks and it provides much support and strength around your ankle. These shoes will not be as much lighter and easy to carry like the low and mid-rise shoes. It is not much useful for the short treks. If you are thinking about buying boots online you better ask yourself what shoes you need and will a single pair will be enough?

Eliminate the kinds that will not be comfortable for your feet

A shoe must be nicely fitted and it must wrap your feet firmly. If your feet are particularly large or narrow, just ask the sales agent to directly take you to the stocks that will suit you. You need to consider foot volume also. Tell the person what problems you have had previously with trekking shoes. That will help him to find the ideal shoe for you.


Choose the size of the shoe you normally use. Always bring a sock to try on the shoes or ask the staff to provide you with a suitable sock to try on the shoes you selected. Shoe sizes might be inconsistent among different brands. So, don’t stick to the size of the shoe you consider as normal. Between the end of your shoe and end of your boot, there should be a thumb’s space.


For the fitting of the shoe always keep in mind that the shoe should wrap your whole feet and you should be able to wiggle your toes freely. Your feet should not be felt crushing from the sides of the shoe. Take a little walk around the shop and use the bumps, stairs and ramps. In the heel counter, your heel must be snugly fit. Be aware if it is creating a hotspot on your feet.

Choose the right one

Only you can tell if it perfectly fits, keep that in mind. It is recommended that you should wear the shoe at home for at least one or two hours before taking it outside at work. If it feels uncomfortable you should immediately exchange it or return it to the store.